August 25, 2015

This Is Why Procrastination Stay Still


Sometimes when people are stuck in the bad situation they want to break, procrastination is definitely one of them. But this is not a new trend, procrastination been around for centuries. Procrastination affect to our productivity and our state of mind. What makes it so hard to wipe out this bad habit? Here’s why you still procrastinating and haven’t been able to break the habit.

First of all, procrastination means not starting to do the work until you are close to the deadline.  Then, pushed against the deadline, you start working at a frenetic pace. In this situation you will fight the deadlines with full energy and the work get done.

But when it’s done, it will gives you false sense of confidence. It will make you believe that the work will eventually done even you are close to the deadline. So, you will always procrastinating and have no motivation to stop it.

Then procrastination will lead you to let everything done in last minutes. Your goals have no deadlines. As a bad habit or an irreversible personality trait that will be constantly draining our potential or getting in the way of our achievements. We tend to think that this is a problem, but actually this is the way brain give solution when you need to do something.

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