Healthy Living Index Survey

Project Description:

In accordance with its routine Healthy Living campaign, AIA once again conducted the Healthy Living Index Survey 2013; a survey initiated by the AIA Group which involved over 10.000 adult participants from 15 countries around Asia Pacific, including Indonesia. Indonesia scored 55 out of 100 in the survey, placing itself in the lowest rank among 15 countries that participated. To increase healthy living awareness, AIA Financial Indonesia co-sponsors The Color Run. Not only healthy, The Color Run encourages runners to have fun with colors. Appointed by AIA, SKPR Asia held a press conference at XXI Premier Lounge in Plaza Indonesia to announce the news. Approaching the media creatively, Joe Taslim talked about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, his experiences supported by Dr. Samuel Oetoro MS, SpGK, a nutritionist from Universitas Indonesia. Afterwards, Nano Oerip, a personal trainer from the renowned Gold’s Gym taught the room how to run properly and invited Joe Taslim and a couple of friends from the press to join him. To conclude the conference, Kathryn Monika, the Head of Marketing for AIA, introduced the survey, followed by Thomas Isaac from Intuit Research who elaborately explained the result of the survey to the media. At the end of the conference, all media attending were given a pedometer. 60 media turned up during that rainy day and achieved more than IDR 1 billion of AVE.

For The Color Run, we invited 30 editors from various media outlets to participate in the run and 28 media outlets to cover the event. We managed to have 22 media present, from which 17 of them had the opportunity to interview Joe Taslim and AIA’s Chief Marketing Officer, with 50% of them coming from television.